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Melissa Humble, Content Manager 

I'm Melissa, new-ish to Headland and new to Sphere. I've been producing content for print, broadcast, and digital media for the last 25 years. While my career focus has primarily been photography, I have experience in writing, design, and education. I love baking, plants, sitting on my porch, and spending time with my people. (I miss y'all. Thanks, COVID.) Sharing people's stories is one of my favorite things, and I'm excited to start telling the stories of Headland area small businesses.

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Adrienne Wilkins, Founder 

I started Sphere in 2017 when small businesses in my area came to me struggling to create and manage content. The biggest question was "how do I tackle social media?" So Sphere is founded on creating solutions for that question. Our business grows with the needs of our customers. I am able to use my degree from LSU in marketing and mass communication, sales experience, and business management experience to help our small businesses reach their online community


Here to Serve You

Sphere Media Marketing

Our mission at Sphere Media Marketing is to leverage social media platforms to grow, deepen and strengthen the sphere of influence our clients have in their community. We define community as customers, users and influencers who share a geographic area, online network, or social presence with our client.

Why social media?
Social media as it has developed into a cornerstone of society has become an integral part of marketing plans for businesses. It allows businesses to take advantage of current networks and relationships with customers to expand their reach in their community.

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