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Do's and Don'ts of Social

How do I make social media work for me?

This is a common question with no simple answer. My response is that every business should have a unique approach to social media that tells their unique story. Use social to welcome people into your world and your business.

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts to get you started...

Do - Use original content including photos and videos and your staff, products and events to educate potential customers about what happens in the 4 walls of your business.

Don't - Tag unrelated businesses or organizations in posts or photos because it may appear spammy and lose the trust of your audience.

Do - Stay consistent with your content creation. This also does not mean that you have to post everyday.

Don't - Overpromise and underdeliver on sales or giveaways that you may promote on Social

Do - Interact with your customers by liking shared posts, commenting and responding to inquiries.

Don't - Use every holiday as a reason to celebrate. Pick a few throughout the year, especially those related to your business.

Do - Have fun and be yourself! This is why people want to use your service or purchase you product.

Social media is a great tool to educate your customer base about who you are and what you do. Consumer's want to do business with people they know, so share who you are with them.

Happy Posting!

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